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Why Choose Andy Cohen?

Andy Cohen is the founder of Andy Cohen Worldwide (AC/W), a global advisory firm helping companies overcome the barriers that stand in the way of their success. He is world famous for his Assumpt! Keynote and Workshop and Business Consulting services designed to drive growth by identifying and challenging conventional assumptions.

His customized speeches and seminars are redefining the meaning of the standard business experience by combining engagement with education. Using storytelling, psychology and a bit of magic tied to business case histories, he reveals key concepts that help people see beyond the obvious, empower new thinking and drive innovative business solutions in leadership, innovation, marketing and sales.

His experiential approach guarantees full participation from the audience. This high level of immediate involvement generates instant action and leads to long-term, sustainable results.


Clients include American Express, Booz Allen, HSBC, Infosys, L’Oreal, Monsanto, Nestlé, and Novartis, Pfizer, 20th Century Fox, FLAME, DMA, NHCAA, World Business Forum and TEDx New York City.

Andy has served as an adjunct professor at New York University, faculty member at Duke Corporate Education and a guest speaker at the Stern School of Business, Indian School of Business and Qatar Leadership Center. The Assumpt! Workshop is one of his most popular courses.

His best-selling book, FOLLOW THE OTHER HAND combines magic as a metaphor with business case histories to instantly unlock innovative thinking every day.  The New York Times nominated his book as a potential business bestseller.  The book has been translated into over five languages, most recently into Italian by Rizzoli (2012).

His new book in progress is entitled, The Ten Most Dangerous Assumptions in the History of Your Life. It is based on his Assumpt! Workshops and Seminars. 

Andy Cohen

Here is what you get when you engage Andy Cohen:

  1. Pre-conference/seminar meeting to learn about the client’s company, teams and organizational “pains.” This information is then incorporated into the keynote or seminar.
  2. Personalized video from Andy welcoming the participants, sent out prior to event.
  3. Customized presentation sent prior to event for review and discussion.
  4. An exceptional learning and mind-changing experience at conference or seminar.
  5. Follow-up digital transformative experience that uses video and interactive questions to generate on-the-job thinking (optional).


Comments from Senior Leaders

  1. Our members were blown away by Andy’s presentation and the power of The Assumpt!.
  2. Andy challenged our assumptions in a way that was simple to catch and easy to replicate/use in daily work.
  3. It was a unique learning experience. Within 2 hours people were actually using the term Assumpt!.
  4. Completely stunning way of developing a message that is extremely efficient and useful.
  5. A very different and interesting approach…will apply and implement thoughts with my team.
  6. Creative, engaging approach to teaching concepts. Insightful.
  7. The way that the message is delivered makes it easy to remember that I have to think differently in order to change things

Delivery Format: Using Magic as Metaphorcollection_photo_share_email_thumb

The Assumpt! Strategy is a tested and proven paradigm that allows participants to think differently by challenging their business assumptions around key leadership, marketing and innovation issues.

Learning takes place by combining uniquely engaging experiences with business case histories. The use of personal storytelling, psychology and a bit of magic creates an entertaining and engaging experience that breaks through the barriers of resistance to learning, therefore enhancing the retention of new information and new thought processes.

Connecting a series of real life experiences with key business principles results in behavior transformation and shifts participant thinking. This includes an opportunity for participants to discuss and present their new thinking generated by breakout groups and exercises.

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