There are three stages to changing behavior and driving results. It starts with assessing and benchmarking the assumptions your organization makes. Then we deliver customized live keynotes and seminars, followed by digital learning experiences that sustain learning and drive results.


Stage 1: Assess – Identifying the barriers that stand in the way of success

AC/W assesses the dangerous assumptions that generate poor decisions, ineffective leadership, weak sales and lack of new thinking.  Understanding those assumptions that stand in the way of a company’s success is the first step in changing the way a company thinks and behaves.


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Stage 2: Internalize – Helping people leverage their assumptions to open new doors

AC/W teaches The Assumpt Process through live, experiential learning programs that help unlock new thinking and change behavior. This process provides the tools to sustain learning throughout the organization.

Groups learn how to internalize The Assumpt Process and are then able to identify dangerous assumptions and turn them into Assumpts.

By changing mindsets, you change the ways to lead, market and innovate.


Stage 3: Apply – Digital e-Learning Transformative Experience

How do you engage your organization to continue to learn, apply and change? AC/W provides an innovative and engaging 5-minute digital transformational experience delivered via PC. It is a productive way to generate new thinking throughout the organization without disrupting productivity in the office.

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