The Ten Most Dangerous Assumptions in the History of Your Life [Coming in 2016]

The Ten Most Dangerous Assumptions takes a contrarian position and challenges one of the most universal assumptions of all times; “I shouldn’t assume”.

This book demonstrates that assumptions are a natural step in your decision-making process. They are neither good nor bad. It’s what you do with them that make a difference.

This action of acknowledging your assumptions is called making an Assumpt (I coined the word). Leveraging your Assumpts allows you to overcome the barriers that stand in your way and to think differently. This is called the Assumpt Strategy.

The Assumpt Strategy provides you with extraordinary powers. When you make an assumption you only have one direction to go; in the direction the assumption leads you. And since most assumptions are subconscious and taken for granted, this means you are making decisions and taking actions on a belief instead of what you consider a truth. This often proves most dangerous.

As an alternative way of thinking, making an Assumpt, provides you with three directions:

  1. You can follow the assumption as before and pay the price
  1. Immediately upon acknowledging your assumption you create a momentary pause which allows new thinking to filter in thus offering alternative options that didn’t exist before
  1. You take your Assumpt and challenge it. This is the fastest way to think differently, adapt and change.

The Ten Most Dangerous Assumptions provides an engaging way to learn this process. Each chapter heading identifies a universal assumption, dissects it and helps the reader turn it into an Assumpt that stimulates new thinking, overcomes barriers and opens new doors.

Through personal stories and business case histories you learn the dual nature of assumptions – they can be dangerous or create new opportunities. The book shows you how to identify when you are making them them, what drives them and how to deal with others when they make them. You begin to understand how Assumpts influences your decision and guides your actions.

At the same time, each chapter builds on the next to teach you the Assumpt as a strategy for avoiding dangerous decisions and making new and insightful ones. By the end of the book you have a road map for thinking differently – a process that you employee daily to generate new ideas and transform your behavior in order to adapt and change.

Making an assumption is as old as mankind. Yet the rapid pace of change in technology, the economy, and workforce is increasing our dependency on using assumptions to keep up.

The benefits of Ten Most Dangerous Assumption couldn’t be timelier.

About Andy

Andy Cohen is founder of Andy Cohen Worldwide (AC/W), a global advisory firm helping multinational companies overcome the barriers that stand in the way of their success. His Assumpt Strategy has been embraced by these companies and endorsed by many CEO and Senior leaders around the world.

Andy is also a speaker, TEDx presenter, entrepreneur and author. He empowers the world’s global brands to think differently and challenge their assumptions in leadership, innovation, and marketing. These companies include American Express, Booz Allen, HSBC, Infosys, L’Oreal, Monsanto, Nestle, Novartis.

Between engagements, Andy teaches at some of the world’s most respected universities. Andy has served as an adjunct professor at New York University and the Duke Fuqua School of Business. He is also a faculty member at Duke Corporate Education and a guest speaker at the Stern School of Business, Indian School of Business and Qatar Leadership Center.

His first book, FOLLOW THE OTHER HAND, combined magic as a metaphor with business case histories to instantly unlock innovative marketing. The New York Times nominated his book as a potential business bestseller. The book has been published as a paperback in 2009, has translated into multiple languages, most recently in Italian by Rizzoli (2012).

Prior to AC/W, Andy founded Exposed Brick, a direct marketing agency specializing in bridging the gap between brand and response. Exposed Brick won the prestigious EFFIE award presented by the Association of American Advertising for creative ads that drive measurable results. Andy is personally responsible for driving close to a billion dollars in measurable sales.