Andy Cohen Worldwide (AC/W) is a global advisory firm helping multinational companies, large and small, overcome the barriers that stand in the way of the organization’s success.


What assumptions are your leaders making that act as barriers to reaching their goals? 

“I know it for a fact.” “It can’t be done.” “We don’t have enough money.” Organizations and their teams face these types of assumptions every day. The trouble is that they treat these assumptions as truths rather than beliefs. This often narrows their thinking. The end result is the building up of walls that act as barriers to the overall goals of the business. AC/W helps identify these dangerous assumptions before they become too ingrained into the DNA of the organization.

What if you could use those assumptions to open doors to new thinking and opportunities?

Assumptions are neither good nor bad. The key is being able to acknowledge assumptions and then decide what to do with them. This is called making an Assumpt. Making an Assumpt empowers leaders, teams and individuals with options that break down the barriers that stand in the way of their desired goals and opens new doors to the solutions that they are looking for, but just did not see.

AC/W offers a strategy along with experiences, processes and tools to turn assumptions into Assumpts to help change the mindset of the organization. When you change the mindset, you change the way people lead, market and innovate.

About Our Team

Andy Cohen, Founder of Andy Cohen Worldwide, spends his time exploring how things can be done differently. As an entrepreneur, sought-after speaker and best-seller author, Andy focuses his energies helping companies from Shanghai, to San Paolo, to New York and New Delhi to think differently from within.

Prior to Andy Cohen Worldwide, Andy founded Exposed Brick, an award-winning advertising agency, where he led strategic growth through challenging business conventions in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Andy is frequent speaker and educator teaching at some of the world’s most respected universities including New York University, the Duke Fuqua School of Business, the Indian School of Business and the Qatar Leadership Center.

His best-selling book, Follow the Other Hand (2012) combines a business novella with insightful business case histories to instantly unlock innovative thinking.  Andy is currently working on his new book, The Seven Most Dangerous Assumptions and How to Use Them for Your Success. In this book he introduces the Assumpt! Strategy, an innovative process for overcoming barriers that stand in the way of an organization’s, team’s or individual’s success.

Yi-Hsian Godfrey is a Client Leader at Andy Cohen Worldwide and Principal at Strathardle Partners. She integrates her skill as an analytical thinker with being an exceptional listener – seeing the world through our client’s eyes.

She brings over 15 years of marketing experience including new product development, customer segmentation and CRM marketing working for American Express and other leading firms.

Yi-Hsian started her career in marketing communication and since then has led corporate and segment branding initiatives, launched products throughout Europe and Asia and developed time-based trigger marketing campaigns for companies from start-ups to large, publicly traded firms, including Merck-Medco, Grainger and Hewlett-Packard.

Ian Winter is the Chief Technology Officer at Andy Cohen Worldwide focuses on how to employ technology to solve solutions. He is also Founder & CEO of HomePage Media.

Ian has worked in technology and graphic design for over 25 years, producing interface design, advertising, corporate materials, websites and online/mobile infrastructures for clients in Europe, the USA, China, South Africa and the Middle East.

In addition to working with numerous digital start-ups as a joint venture partner and/or design consultant, he has also worked with many trans-national brands including IBM, Microsoft, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Doritos, Kellogg’s, Sage, Birmingham Royal Ballet, UK Department for Trade & Industry, SkillSoft, Zildjian, Barclays Capital, Trend Micro, McAfee, the BBC, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Lucky Strike, Carling, and Smirnoff.

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